The human race stands, at this very moment, at an evolutionary precipice. The current situation we face is one which this species has never stood against before. The problem before us is multilayered and poly dimensional in nature. It will take all of our collective intelligence to escape from it.

Given the enormity of the problem, it is not surprising to see the collective consciousness of humanity mobilizing in one of the largest ways ever seen before. Right now, as we speak, enormous movements are taking place within the social structures of human consciousness that have never been seen before.

It could be predicted that with the rise of the internet, eventually, we would come together as a more singular and focused consciousness. Within the last few years, the internet has progressed as a tool for social movement exponentially. It has always been a tool for the widespread dispersion of vital knowledge, but in the last few years has been utilized more and more faithfully for that goal. Given the tumultuous times we have been witnessing as of recent, it should come to no surprise that we are witnessing an evolutionary response.

Be it for marches against the Trans Pacific Partnership, general government corruption or even the next presidential candidates, the internet has formed the most key mobilization tool for individual humans we have ever witnessed.

A primary focus in this article right now will be on the Social Media phenomenon of Bernie Sanders. This is due to the unprecedented social media presence he commands. Now, many people really like him. That is a fact that cannot be understated. He has gone out on a limb enough to provide a voice for the masses of Americans (And humans in general) who feel their voices are not being heard. It is from this place that one of the largest internet phenomena ever is taking place.

The world was stunned when 250k people joined together in the USA and Canada to protest the trans-pacific partnership. This, however, is just the beginning of humanity adapting into an increasingly pervasive and aware social consciousness. We are, as individuals, beginning to transform into a more cohesive collective awareness. The internet is both a tool for this and a symptom of this.

One particularly poignant example would be a recent social media phenomenon: Bernie Sander’s Dank Meme Stash. A Facebook page which is acting as a social media generation army for the candidate that it seems a large portion of the social consciousness of humanity wishes for. Not all members take Sanders seriously as a candidate, many are just in it for “The Dank Memes”. However, a 110k strong group dedicated to social media generation and sharing is something that has NEVER happened before, in the sense of being devoted toward one collectivized cause.

The group has risen by 10k members since last evening (Today is the 4th of February) to a total of 110k. For a bit of simple math, if each member was a paid employee who worked 1 hour a day for minimum wage of $7.25 it would equal $797500 USD to maintain the page per day. This is happening on a voluntary basis, for free. Many of these people are spending a large portion of their day plugged into this page.

The value of this mobilization is on untold worth, though. Sander’s campaign is based on information saturation. The issues it faces are the relative apathy of individuals and lack of informed individuals. Because the Sanders campaign resonates with a large percentage of Americans, it is safe to say that when information comes into contact with an individual there is a large chance of “Information pollination” – or an individual deciding they wish to be a part of the movement.

The Sanders social media machine is pulling out all stops. Tinder is being used to promote Sanders information. “Bernie Sanders zoned” is a comical reference to this that is popping up around the internet.

A social media movement of this size has never happened before with such a large and focused user base. There are 110k users in that page alone, to see the statistics of the viral nature of their sharing and information saturation would be mind boggling.

What we are seeing is akin to the internet coming of age. A new era for humanity. We have not overcome the problems that face us – indeed, there will be many more in the coming months and years. However, we are gradually forming a cohesive social consciousness that will allow us to overcome the issues that face us in the future as a unified whole, not a fragmented and confused populous of individuals. The human race as a whole has decided that it no longer wishes to wage constant war, it no longer wishes to stand idly by as the planet is raped, and that it no longer wishes to see aspects of itself live in poverty and disease.

Normalcy Bias refers to the individuals inability to see large scale change taking place before them. In times of extreme change, things are seen as “Being pretty regular”. For example, the United States is in a state of economic free fall. Fusion/fission technology devices are being shared amongst Russia and China in experimental manners, and could usher in an entirely new form of energy economy for the planet. The current mainstream media sources are largely ignored by the population now in lieu of alternative media on the internet.

The mainstream narrative is no longer regarded as the truth. This means that individual humans are taking the burden increasingly into their own hands to discover the truth. This is both a dangerous and liberating excursion. In the realm of alternative media, there is no reassuring back pat that what you are reading is true. It is up to the logical and intuitional reasoning of the individual to make their decisions. However, when enough human beings are digesting enough information and sharing it amongst themselves, the truth will surface.

It is becoming increasingly apparent that if the mainstream news is not completely fabricated, it is at least a misrepresentation of the truth. The truth is now surfacing. It is dark and murky and hard to understand at the moment, as we are gazing upon it for the first time. Our eyes have not yet adjusted, and the picture is blurry. We will, however, come to understand it as more individuals gaze upon it and through their own process of perceptive digestion translate it into the collective mind.

The truth is out there, and it is communicating to us.

A decision has been made, and we have passed a social tipping point. We are evolving into a new and ever changing paradigm of relation to the world around us. There is no turning back.

3 thoughts on “Cohesion

  1. When the Internet is used for the benefit of a community, it is a fantastic took. However, there are those who prefer to hurl insult and write disgusting comments because the can do it anonymously! This bunch of cowards should be banned from getting access to the Internet. All they care about is insulting innocent people!


    1. The internet right now is like a giant organism, and within it there are a bunch of individuals acting as viruses. They will, over time, be neutralized by a kind if immune system comprised of various other users. Basically, this acts as a gradual reeducation via human interaction. Once people decide more and more what they want the collective human psyche to be like, the people who refuse to be kind and compassionate will find themselves increasingly alienated. It will take a very long time but generally the angst babies will come to see the light.

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